The Dream of Delivery Drones Is Alive (And On A Truck)

HorseFly Delivery Drone

The HorseFly delivery drone rides around in the back of a delivery truck and just takes care of the tricky deliveries with crazy long driveways behind gates and other obstacles.   The driver can narrow down the delivery point beyond just the initial GPS coordinates to select to leave the package by the door or even around back by the back door.    This model might be more practical than Amazon’s plan and with limited shorter flights could possibly get an exemption from FAA rules prohibiting other drone deliveries.  [PopSci]


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Love Is In The Air, CupidDrone


In Verona, Italy lovers may be surprised with a vist from Cupid Drone.   Love is in the air as the Cupid Drone delivers a single red rose to it’s unsuspecting target, actually not so unsuspecting it seems they were asked ahead of time if they would like to participate which probably took some of the surprise out of the experience but may have avoided some lawsuits if things got thorny. Checkout the article here:  [FastCreate]

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Why the US Government Is Terrified of Hobbyist Drones | WIRED

scary dronesWhen a hobby drone crashed on the white house it may have been more than irritation.  The phrase we’re looking for here might be ‘wake up call’.  Chinese manufarcturer’s can geo-fence their firmware all day long but it’s pretty clear that a 10 year old with a toy can penetrate the world’s best security, from now on, so we better hope that he  hasn’t got any bad intentions.   Get the full story here: [Wired]

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