Fly through fireworks in a SIM

In Pre-Flight Drone: The Fireworks Scenery is now available.

Don’t fight the urge. Go ahead and fly your expensive toy into a fireworks display. What could go wrong? PRE-Flight Drone Edition presents the Fireworks Scenery. Watch the display from a safe distance – or fly in the middle of hundreds of flares and explosions every second.

Go on and play with fire – it’s fun!


Watch the video here:

Note: Fireworks Scenery is only available on the Drone Edition.


Includes Fireworks bonus “Insane” Scenery – twice the fun
FPV and line-of-sight
Special dusk lighting
Enhanced model lighting for visibility
3D explosions sound effects
Wind effects are configurable
and more…

See for more details

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Drones to perch on power lines for self recharge.


ok, am I the only one getting serious SkyNet vibes from this story?   So if the drones can land on powerlines to recharge they can stay up there forever?  At least they haven’t found a way to reload missles/bullets while up there.   Kind of reminds of the Roomba that can go and charge itself when it gets low on energy.    Wonder if it can suck up enough energy to power flight plus a big death ray?   (Hope not).   Get the story here: [WashingtonTimes]

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Google Drone Deliveries Too

GoogleDronesNot to be outdone by Amazon I guess, Google is working on their own drone delivery project.  It would appear that although Google believes that cars can operate without a human driver, they take a different view of drones and feel like human operators are more likely to be needed to resolve difficult decisions when things don’t go exactly as planned.  Get the story here: [FastCompany]


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hypersonic weapon explodes after launch


A lockheed Martin developed unmanned hypersonic craft designed to be able to engage a target anywhere in the world in 1 hour was destroyed shortly after a test launch as a safety precaution.   Capable of flight several times the speed of sound the weapon system was designed to provide non-nuclear tactical options to real time global threats.  Get the story here: [] and [mashable] (youtube)

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