That Toy Is Now a Drone, Says the FAA – IEEE Spectrum

Toy DroneThe distinction between toy model aircraft and drones is blurring a bit, the FAA seems to be looking not at whether it’s being used for recreational purposes but rather what it’s capabilities may be to decide on whether it must be certified for flight.  Apparently using a display and camera to guide it versus line of sight changes the status.  Read the full article here. []


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Flipboard Drone Magazines

FlipboardDroneMagazinesI’m really enjoying reading magazines on the Flipboard mobile app.   I was thinking of trying to add a magazine about Drones but actually found quite a few good ones already available.  I’m adding links to them on the sidebar to share them.  Let me know if you find other good Drone magazines that I should share.  Also especially let me know if you find any articles on actual Drone Simulators.    Thanks!  Enjoy!!


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Desert Wolf – Skunk Riot Control Copter


The Skunk is equipped with 4 high-capacity paint ball barrels releasing at up to 20 paint balls per second each, with 80 Pepper balls per second stopping any crowd in its tracks.    Forget riot control we need to take this out next we have a paint ball battle.   Of course my kids are already demanding a nerf version!

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Lockheed’s Vision: Autonomous Drones With Lasers | Popular Science

Autonomous Drones With Lasers

Ok, I don’t know why but all I could think about while reading this story was when Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil kept asking for sharks with frickin laser beams.     I suppose drones with laser beams were inevitable if they could solve the energy and weight problems.   Checkout the full story here:  [PopSci]



I suppose it’s only fair that they are also working on ground based laser systems to target the drones!   []

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What you need to know about commercial drones

DHL DroneWith all the news and hype gonig around, why don’t we see commercial drones in the sky every time we look up?   The simple answer is because it’s still illegal (or is it?).   Are the rules different for a piloted UAV versus an autonomous drone?  What about over water versus over land?   Well get the latest scoop on this constantly changing story here: [Engadget]    Also, this handy list of FAA Guidelines may be helpful too!

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Researchers Plug Google’s Project Tango Into A Drone To Let It Fly Itself Around A Room | TechCrunch


Google has been playing with some cool technology that can sense the environment around it and use that information to keep from bumping into walls and stuff.   This makes for a very helpful tool when trying to create an autonomous drone that can fly around inside a building without crashing itself instantly.  Get the story from [TechCrunch] [SingularityHub]


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PRE-Flight Simulator Drone Edition

It is my pleasure to present the PRE-Flight Simulator Drone Edition.
In my experience, 50% of beginners totally destroy their RC aircraft in the first week. About 25% destroy them in their first flight. This is a costly exercise, as the typical FPV-capable drone start at around $400 and may cost up to $3000. Some High-end drones may cost up to $30,000. It does make sense to have some form of FPV (First Person View) and line-of-sight flying Practice without risking a huge investment in money (and time in building and repair as well as waiting time for the goods to arrive).

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