Facebook to buy drone company?

S50_FARM_2560Titan Aerospace providing solar powered drone based internet access appears to be a take over target for Facebook.


update: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/03/facebook-to-provide-internet-connectivity-from-solar-powered-planes/

update: Looks like Google bought them instead of Facebook! [TheRegister.co.uk]



Drones deliver drugs

DHL-paketkopter-drone-test_creditDHLWhile I’m sure drones are being used to deliver illegal drugs too, this story is actually about delivering the legal type of drugs from a pharmacy in Germany by a shipping company DHL.

Rules seem to require them to be remote controlled rather than GPS controlled so experimentally promising but difficult to see how they become a commercial success at the moment.   Get the story here: [/dot]


TED drones


Ever seen some of the great TED technology educational videos?   Apparently through the years they have had a recurring theme of demonstrating drone technology at the TED conferences.   Here is a nice page with some samples of the drones they have shown in the past and a fairly impressive new one with a quadcopter balancing a glass of water in mid-air.  Click here for the full story. [blog.TED.com]



Amazon to deliver packages by Drone

AmazonPrimeAir60 Minutes did a story on Amazon’s idea for delivering packages by air using drones. The drone would pickup packages at fullfullment centers and deliver them in 30 minutes or less. I’d imagine that Fedex and UPS will be watching closely and will be ordering their own fleet of drones in the very near future. Get the story here: [USAToday]