The Delivery Drones are now available from PRE-Flight – DIY Drones

Delivery Drones

  • PRE-Flight Delivery Drones are armed with cargo handling capabilities. Drop packages with precision using downward-looking cameras. The drones even rebound upward when you release the payloads like the real thing.

    So start building up your Drone flying hours now, in complete safety with PRE-Flight’s collection of popular models:

  • Amazon PrimeAir Drone
  • Domino’s Pizza Delivery Drone
  • Parrot Drone 2 – Indoor mode
  • Parrot Drone 2 – Outdoor mode
  • DJI Phantom 2
  • x525 quadcopter – popular DIY drone
  • Octocopter – Carbon Giant, heavy lifter, high-speed
  • Reaper UAV – scale model
  • Reaper UAV – full scale
  • Walkera UFO – one of the first true drones
  • Walkera UFO – 3X scale for visibility and ease of flying

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